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Our Research Advisory Groups help us design and run The Kid's Trial

CRAG & PRAG logo

The Research Advisory Groups are called the CRAG & PRAG.

The Kid's Trial is all about teaming up with you and getting advice from the experts - that's you, the kids, and of course, your parents and caregivers too! We created two special teams: the Children's Research Advisory Group (CRAG) for kids like you to share their brilliant ideas, and the Parents' Research Advisory Group (PRAG) for the grown-ups to pitch in their thoughts. Together, they help us make The Kid's Trial the best it can be! 

What do the CRAG & PRAG do?

Web Wonders

The cool look and layout of our website, along with what's on it, were all shaped with the help of CRAG & PRAG members. That's teamwork in action!

Animation Creation

All those awesome animations and the stories they tell? They were polished up with ideas from both CRAG & PRAG members! Plus, many of the voices bringing our videos to life are from CRAG members, and some other helpful kids-- just like you!

Logo Magic

Guess what? The cool logo and all those fun icons you see on our website were dreamed up by our very own CRAG team members! That's right, kids like you designed them!

Designing the Trial

As The Kid's Trial moves forward, we'll face lots of choices and questions about how to run things. Don't worry, CRAG & PRAG will get a say in these decisions to make sure the trial reflects what kids and parents really want and like. Your voices matter to us!

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Who is in the CRAG & PRAG?

The CRAG is made up of kids aged 7 to 12 years old, just like you! And guess what? Some of their awesome parents and caregivers decided to join the PRAG. Our team members come from all over the world, including places like Estonia, Ireland, Kenya, Norway, Tanzania, and the USA. How cool is that?

Who is in the CRAG/PRAG?
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