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How does The Kid's Trial work?

The Kid's Trial is broken up into a bunch of steps. With each new part, kids will help plan and do the randomised trial. You can join in one step, more than one, or all of them!

Take the Pre-Trial Quiz

Before joining The Kid's Trial, we'd like to know what you might already understand about health research and randomised trials.

Planning the trial logo-Single cell holding The Kid's Trial words in it

Planning the trial!

Here, kids will tell us how we should do the trial, what we will measure, and how to measure what happened.  

Running the trial logo- Girl in the form of a red cross with healthy things around her

Running the trial!

This is where kids can join the trial they have thought up and planned! They will be randomised to the 'try-it-out' group or the 'wait-and-see' group!

Follow the arrows to see how The Kid's Trial works.

Watch the videos at the bottom of this page. 

Video 1: What are randomised controlled trials?

Video 2: What is randomisation?

Choosing the question logo- Heart with a plaster on it

Choosing THE question!

Kids get to vote for their favourite question that was sent in. The most popular question will be THE QUESTION we tackle in The Kid's Trial!

This step is open now!

Collecting the results logo- Planet earth with The Kid's Trial written on it

Collecting the results!

In this step, kids will report what they found in their trial!

Choosing the question logo- heart with a plaster on it

Sending in your questions!

Kids send in questions they think The Kid's Trial should try and answer. The questions should be fun, safe, and easy for most kids to do from home. 

Choosing the question logo- Heart with a plaster on it

Sorting the questions!

After kids send in questions they want The Kid's Trial to try and answer, they'll tell us which questions they like best.

Sharing the results logo- The Kid's Trial words coming out of a beaker

Sharing the results! 

In the last step, kids will tell us how we should share the results of their trial. We will also ask them what they thought of the trial and what they learned!

What are randomised trials?

Here, Millie introduces you to randomised controlled trials. The Kid's Trial is a randomised controlled trial, but not all trials are. Some don't have a 'Control' or 'Wait-and-See' group.

What is randomisation?

Oran explains randomisation in this short video.

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Find some of the words you heard or read confusing?

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