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Sorting the questions!

Choosing the question logo- heart with a plaster on it

It's time to tell us which questions you think would be fun, interesting, and possible to tackle in The Kid's Trial!

How does it work?

Watch the 'Sorting the questions!' video!

In this video, Anna tells you how to sort through the questions that kids sent in, and how to tell us how much you like each question. 

Scrabble letters spelling L-I-K-E

Tell us which questions you like best!

When looking through questions for The Kid's Trial, pick ones that are fun, grab your interest, and and will be cool to find answers to! 


Sort through the questions!

Click the 'Sort the questions here' button to vote for the questions you're excited to explore in The Kid's Trial! Just make sure your parent or caregiver says it's okay before you join the voting fun!

Children Using Tablets
Sort the questions here!
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