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Ready to choose which question will be THE QUESTION that The Kid's Trial tackles?

This step is open now!

How does it work?


Watch the 'Choosing THE QUESTION!' video!

Watch Caoimhe's video to see how you can vote for THE QUESTION The Kid's Trial will try to answer!

Wait! Have you watched the videos on the 'How it works' page or taken the Pre-Trial Quiz yet? If not, you can check them out before you choose the question.

Question mark

Think about your choices.

In this step, kids will take a look at the top questions from the last round and rank them. The winner will be the big question that The Kid's Trial sets out to answer!


Click the 'Choose THE QUESTION here' button to vote for the question you think will be the most fun and best to explore in The Kid's Trial! Just make sure your parent or caregiver says it's okay before you have your say! 

Choose the question
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