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Running the trial!

Running the trial logo- Girl in the form of a red cross with healthy things around her

Kids from around the globe are invited to join The Kid's Trial!

How does it work?

Watch the 'Running the trial!' video!

Amanda tells us how to join The Kid's Trial in this video and explains a bit more about what each group will be asked to do in their trial. 

Wait! Have you watched the videos on the 'How it works' page or taken the Pre-Trial Quiz yet? If not, you can check them out before you join the trial.

Kids jumping on stones

Are you ready to either 'try-out' the intervention or 'wait-and-see'?

Remember, when you join the trial to do your best to stick to your group's instructions. Our results depend on you!

Get randomised to your group!

Click the 'Join the trial here' button to get randomised to your group! 

Before you join, your parent or caregiver has to say it's ok and make sure you are ready to either

1) do the intervention or

2) stay away from the intervention.

Nobody knows which group you'll be in!

The word Y-E-S written in the sand
Join the trial HERE! (3)
Join the trial
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