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Collecting the results!

Collecting the results logo- created by CRAG member

Tell us what you found when you did your trial!

How does it work?

Watch the 'Collecting the results!' video!

In this video, Lucas will explain what results we are asking you to tell us and how to do it. 

Click and collect photo

Did you get randomised to the 'try-it-out' or the 'wait-and-see' group?

This part of The Kids' Trial only asks kids who got randomised during 'Running the trial!' (Step 3) to tell us what they found. You won't do this step if you didn't join the trial.

Tell us what you found out!

This time, there is no button to click. We will email your parent or caregiver a link after your trial has finished, and you can tell us what you found in your 'Running the trial!' experiment. 

Child and grandparent at a computer
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