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Sharing the results!

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Tell us how to share what you found out in The Kid's Trial with the rest of the world!

How does it work?

Watch the 'Sharing the results!' video!

In this video, Shenara explains why we should share your results with the rest of the world and different ways we can do that. 

Wait! Have you watched the videos on the 'How it works' page or taken the Pre-Trial Quiz yet? If not, you can check them out before you send in your votes.

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Tell us how to report what we found.

If this is your first time joining then click the 'Vote on sharing the results here' button and tell us how we should let everyone know what happened in The Kid's Trial! We'll use at least two methods, so vote for the ones you like best. 

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Tell us your story!

In the final part of The Kid's Trial, we will email a link to all the parents and caregivers of everyone who has already joined to ask them what they thought about the whole adventure! It's your chance to tell your story!

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