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Planning the trial!

Planning the trial logo- The Kid's Trial inside a single cell.

Kids will decide how to do their trial in this step.

How does it work?

Watch the 'Planning the trial!' video!

Victor explains what we need to decide to try and find the answer to our question in The Kid's Trial. We'll explain your choices in the video!

Wait! Have you watched the videos on the 'How it works' page or taken the Pre-Trial Quiz yet? If not, you can check them out before you plan the trial.

Kids talking and reading

How do you think we can best answer the question?

Here's your chance to decide how we answer the chosen question. We'll give you choices and you need to decide what the best options are!

Plan the trial

Plan the trial!

Click the 'Plan the trial here' button to vote for the ways you think are best to find the answer to The Kid's Trial question! Remember to make sure your parent or caregiver says it's okay before you vote! 

Schoolboy Using Tablet
Plan the trial HERE! (2)
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