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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do we have to fill out the consent & assent form every time we join in a step?

We ask parents/caregivers and kids to consent and assent during each step because we want to be sure that you know what information we gather during The Kid's Trial and that you are aware of your rights. We want to reach as many children as possible and allow our participants to join the trial anytime. To do this, we need to ask for consent and assent at each step.

Can my child participate if we do not consent to give their personal information (age, gender, ethnicity, & country of residence)?

The only information we require is an email address from a parent or caregiver and the age of the participating child. We have to be able to track how many people join our trial, especially when we run the trial. The Kid's Trial is for kids aged 7 to 12 years old and so those are the only things we require for kids to join. 

Why are you asking for my child's personal information (age, gender, ethnicity & country of residence)?

We want The Kid's Trial to be as inviting and open as possible for children from all over the world. To measure our success and identify where we could improve, it is helpful for us to know this information about our participants.

What if we miss a step?

That's not a problem! Your child can join in as many steps as they want. For example, if they joined in 'Sending in your questions' but missed the next step, 'Sorting the questions', they can still join in all of the following steps. The only time kids can't participate is when we 'Collect the results' if they didn't join in the 'Running the trial' step. Don't worry- we will guide you through each step and you will get an email from us each time a new step opens up!

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