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Sending in your question!

Choosing the question logo- heart with a plaster on it

Kids can send in health questions they want The Kid's Trial to try to answer!

How does it work?

Watch the 'Sending in your question!' video!

In this video, Jade will tell you what kind of questions we can try to answer in The Kid's Trial.   


Wait! Have you watched the videos on the 'How it works' page or taken the Pre-Trial Quiz yet? If not, you can check them out before you send in your question.

Child thinking

Think of a question you want the trial to tackle.

When dreaming up your question for The Kid's Trial, pick one that's fun, interesting to you, and safe for kids to do from home in about a week.

Send in questions

Send in your question!

Click the 'Send in your question here' button to share your ideas! Remember that your parent or caregiver needs to give permission each time you join.

Here are some example questions:

  • Does doing jumping jacks before school improve kids' listening in class?

  • Does doing a mindfulness practice before bed help kids' sleep?

  • Does getting fresh air every day help kids' moods?

You can find great examples here if you're looking for even more inspiration. 

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