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More cool work by kids and for kids!

You can read more about other kid-led projects & organisations here.

Mtoto news logo
Mtoto News have been instrumental in helping The Kid's Trial reach children on the African Continent. They "are a digital media platform whose mission is to make children visible." You can read about their amazing work on their website!
This website is full of fun, interesting studies that kids of all ages and their parents can join! You should check it out if you're interested in seeing what kind of studies you can join in all over the world!
generation rhand
Generation r
Generation R is a "National network of Young People's Advisory Groups (YPAGs) based in the United Kingdom. You can read all about their innovative work on their website.
This is a scientific journal with articles written by scientists but they are edited by children so that Up-to-date scientific news is available to kids! Check out their website for their articles and maybe even get involved!
START logo
START is an annual competition held in Ireland to help Schools Teach Awareness of Randomised Trials! This is  led by the HRB-TMRN in Ireland, the same organisation that funds The Kid's Trial!  Check out their website to see what types of Randomised Controlled Trials Kids have done in the last few years!
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