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The Kid’s Trial is an online project created with kids, for kids, to learn about how we do health research.

We are asking kids between the ages of 7 and 12 to help us design and do a health research study called a randomised controlled trial!

Kids in Library
Image by Daniel Dan

We haven't started the trial yet. Come back soon- we're almost fully-grown!

Join The Kid's Trial!

Parents, caregivers, and kids should know why we are doing The Kid's Trial before joining in any of the steps. This is called 'Informed Consent' and 'Informed Assent'. Before you go further, please read our information flipbooks. 

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Parents' & Caregivers Information Flipbook

Parents' flipbook
CRAG PRAG 02-23_FA-04_edited_edited.png

Kids' Information Flipbook

Kids' flipbook

What is The Kid's Trial?

In the video below, Harry introduces us to

The Kid's Trial. 

Now that you know what The Kid's Trial is, head to 'How it works' to start your first step!

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Find some of the words you heard or read confusing?
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